​eClubs - TRY THEM, YOU'LL LIKE THEM - For those of us the want to stay in touch with Rotary but are unable to make all of our club meetings, a Rotary eClub is a great option.  They are a source of excellent information, project ideas, a window into Rotary activities around the world, and they qualify for an attendance make-ups.  You can find time by going to the RI website's Club Finder, which you can find at the top of site's home page, or access direct at; https://www.rotary.org/en/search/club-finder   I have visited many eClubs when I am at our condo in Cedar Key, Fl (kinda remote to any Rotary Club).  One of my favorites, and very complete eClub is the; Rotary eClub of Southwest USA at: http://www.recswusa.org/  .  I would be interested in hearing from other Skaneateles club members, about the eClubs that you explore.  Try Them, You'll Like Them!   
CLICK HERE to view the club's Attendance Make-Up policies & procedures..... by Ward