2020 Holiday Basket
a Resounding Success!   ... by Lori Ruhlman
Thank you, Skaneateles Rotary club members! Did you hear the news? We topped $20,000 in our Holiday Basket Virtual Fundraiser, shattering records and expectations. Thanks to amazing collaboration among the committee members, club members and others in the community, we provided our local food pantries (and Skaneateles Oureach) with MORE than they expected in their efforts to make the season bright for local families in need.
     During a pandemic, we successfully found new ways to reach out to the community.
     A special thanks to Jay Stith, our club’s community service chair, for getting the Holiday Basket committee off to a great start.
     Thanks to Holiday Basket Committee Chair Roberta Williams for believing from the start that we would not only break records, but top $20,000.    
     Thanks to all Rotarians who donated time, talent & treasure to help us reach into the community to all our families, friends and neighbors who contributed so much to make this one of our most wide-reaching, inclusive fundraisers ever.